Strategic Plan
Achieving NAIT 2021

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To be the most relevant and responsive post- secondary institution in Canada and a world leading polytechnic by 2021.

Our Values


We treat each other with respect, including behaviours of honesty, integrity, transparency, trust and an appreciation for diversity.


We work together to advance NAIT and its academic mission in fostering relationships and in building community.


We come together in fun and enjoyment to recognize accomplishments and successes and to show appreciation.


We support people through empowerment, providing a safe and caring workplace and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.


We are accountable, individually and collectively, to each other and to NAIT for our actions and for achieving our promises.

Messages from the Chair and President and CEO


Chair, NAIT Board of Governors

Alberta is forward-looking, bold, entrepreneurial and plays an important role in our increasingly global economy. NAIT is an essential part of this amazing province. As Board Chair, I have great admiration for our vision, leadership and collaboration with so many stakeholders.

As a business leader, I value the highly skilled, innovative individuals that are part of NAIT’s growing family. With over 190,000 alumni, our graduates are building Alberta in areas that align to the institution’s four educational pillars: business; health; trades; and science, technology and the environment. For over 50 years, NAIT has built strong relationships with industry to make sure they have the skilled employees and applied research they need. NAIT is an essential partner in helping industry and our province succeed.

I am excited by this Strategic Plan. Our Board of Governors played an important role in its development and believes the strategies identified in this document, and the strength of stakeholders in NAIT’s family, will contribute to realizing our vision of becoming a world leading polytechnic.


President and CEO

This plan identifies how we will achieve our vision, address new and emerging challenges and measure our progress. It sets the direction for achieving our vision to be the most relevant and responsive post-secondary institution in Canada and become one of the world’s leading polytechnics.

Thank you to the over 3,200 individuals who helped to develop NAIT 2021 and this Strategic Plan. The discussions with our students, staff, alumni, Board of Governors, government and industry partners contributed greatly to our vision, values, promises, outcomes and strategies.

As a polytechnic, NAIT is known for its technology-based, experiential, hands-on learning. We work directly with industry to ensure we are meeting labour market demands. We also conduct applied research that solves real-world problems faced by Alberta’s industry. By finding solutions, companies become more competitive and efficient.

NAIT offers an inclusive community that fosters diversity. We have a range of supports for our students to help them reach their greatest aspirations. One example is our Encana Aboriginal Student Centre that has elders on-site to help Aboriginal students transition successfully to NAIT. This is only one example of our many programs that we will continue to develop to meet our students’ needs.

As Alberta grows, NAIT is positioned to respond. Together, we will contribute to this province’s continued success.

Developing the Plan

To develop NAIT’s vision and this Strategic Plan, over 3,200 students, staff, alumni, Board of Governors, government, industry partners, the NAIT Academic Staff Association, the NAIT Students’ Association, AUPE and other stakeholders were engaged. Each of these groups has a continued role to play in the successful implementation and achievement of this Plan, and each requires support from the institution.

The Strategic Plan builds on the four promises of NAIT 2021 – promises to Alberta, to students, to industry and to staff. These promises are interdependent and cannot be achieved in isolation of one another.

The strategies also work closely together. In fact, some strategies are intentionally designed to achieve more than one promise. It is this interdependence between promises and strategies that leads to the ultimate achievement of the vision.

The Promises

Promise to Alberta

NAIT meets the current and emerging needs for polytechnic education and applied research in Alberta. NAIT is relevant and responsive and provides outstanding technical education. While serving the needs of Alberta, NAIT is globally competitive and recognized.

Promise to Staff

NAIT will continue to be one of Canada’s outstanding places to work, which follows from a culture of how we work together. This culture reflects the values of respect, collaboration, celebration, support and accountability.

Promise to Students

NAIT provides a positive student experience that encompasses students’ mental, emotional and physical well-being and defines success broadly. We prepare students to succeed in meaningful careers, find employment in their chosen field and have the skills necessary to have an immediate impact.

Promise to Industry

NAIT produces an exceptional skilled workforce, aligned directly to industry needs. Our programs are developed with industry’s input and our research is industry-driven to create enterprises that compete worldwide.

Why a Strategic Plan?

This is NAIT’s long-term roadmap to achieve NAIT 2021. It identifies outcomes, the strategies to be implemented and the metrics to measure our progress. This Plan takes into account the external environment, NAIT’s internal resources and emerging opportunities within, and external to, the organization. The Plan aligns tightly to other institutional plans, including our Academic Plan and the Comprehensive Institutional Plan.

The Strategic Plan is a living document and will be reviewed as part of the institution’s annual planning processes.

  1. Vision, values and promises
  2. Institutional outcomes, strategies and performance measures
  3. Academic and applied research priorities
  4. Three-year business plan, including budget and forecasts
  5. Department plans and priorities aligning to NAIT 2021
  6. Aligns position descriptions, performance and personal development with the institution’s plans
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